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Point of Sale (PoS) | Sales Promotion









Digital technology offers completely new possibilities in sales promotion.

Almost all our products can be used here. Especially interesting are concepts that accompany, advise and support the customer on his shopping experience. These can be interactive information systems, such as an info point with touch panel and guidance system.

With our MagicMirror® you gain the customer's attention at a great distance. With videos and animations, new products or those in need of explanation can be explained to the customer "in passing".

Even displays and video walls that determine the approcimate age and gender of the viewer and accordingly swithch advertising, can already be realized today.

Features & Benefits

  • high-resolution, for perfect display even on shorter viewing distances
    • Indoor: 1,6 mm to 4,8 mm Pixel Pitch | Outdoor: 3,9 mm to 8 mm Pixel Pitch
  • extremely bright, easy to recognize at all times, even in sunlight
    • Indoor: ≥ 700 to 5.600 cd/m² | Outdoor: ≥ 5.000 to 7.000 cd/m²
  • high refresh rates, ≥ 1.900 Hz to improve the quality of photos or video recordings
  • wide viewing angle, up to 150°/150°
  • light and very easy to assemble
  • extremely slim, starts with 75 mm module depth
  • fanless and therefore noiseless
  • can be used planar or in various radii – convex und concave up to 7.5° per module
  • can be calibrated, for top quality even in the case of subsequent purchases or longer partial rentals
  • easy assembly system and maintenance system
  • can be installed upright or suspended
  • protection class upo to IP67
  • German on-site live support and repair service
  • suitable supporting structure available for every location
  • can be combined with various additional products
    • MagicMirror, LED-Floor, Steles, Videowalls, Signage-Server

Displays & Steles

  • ultra-high-resolution, for perfect display even at the shortest distances
    • Pixel resolution starts with 0,30 mm
  • very bright and thus easy to recognize even in daylight
  • Plug & Play – installation without complex configuration
  • wide viewing angle up to 178°/178°
  • interactive products available (Touch or „Gender and Age Recognition“)
  • flexible control over the internet with HDMI, WLAN, 3G/4G, network cable or USB-Stick
  • frame in various colors available
  • repair service in Germany
  • IP-Rating up to IP67
  • Android or Windows


  • LED advertising on facades
  • screen walls or LED walls in lobbies
  • stele as information terminal
  • explanation of complex or new products
  • LEDvertise® or LED walls on parking lots


Typical PoS products