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LED Advertising









Compared to many other countries LED advertising is not yet widespread in Germany. This makes the use of a big LED screen for advertising all the more effective. A glowing and moving image automatically attracts attention.

In contrast to printed media you can play a lot of information on one video wall. Our product range does not only extent to LED video walls. We create and deliver complete concepts for facade advertising and customer guidance on the sales areas.

Not only do we supply the technology, but also advise you from the beginning of your project. Our engineers create 3D structures for the steel or aluminum frames and coordinate them with structural engineers and building authorities. Our experienced lawyers help you to obtain the necessary permits without much effort

Installing and comimissioning an LED wall is quite the challenge. Nevertheless, this is only part of the task. After the installation, it must be operated. This includes controlling with current content as well as regular maintenance over many years.

As a system house with over 30 years of experience, we have a team of technicians who are well versed in the necessary IT and server technology. LED panels can be repaired directly at our location in Germany. We offer maintenance concepts with less than 4 hours respose time and the guarantee that every problem will be solved by the next day at the latest.

Features & Benefits

  • high-resolution, for perfect presentation even on shorter viewing distances
    • Indoor: 1,6 mm to 4,8 mm Pixel Pitch | Outdoor: 3,9 mm to 8 mm Pixel Pitch
  • extremely bright and easy to see well even in sunlight
    • Indoor: ≥ 700 to 5.600 cd/m² | Outdoor: ≥ 5.000 to 7.000 cd/m²
  • high refresh rate of ≥ 1.900 Hz for better quality on photos or in videos
  • wide viewing angle up to 140°/140°
  • light and therefore easy and fast to install
  • automatic fallback by double signal and power supply
  • energy efficient
  • less noise
  • planar or in variable radii usable – convex and concave
  • 90° edge module verfügbar
  • calibrated, for top quality even with additional purchase or longer partial rental
  • strong, thanks to aluminum-magnesium chassis - self and "fitter-carrying"
  • on-site life support and repair service in Germany
  • standing or hanging
  • IP-Rating up to IP67
  • installation and maintenance
    • we plan, assemble and maintain the complete LED video wall and supporting structure
  • complete concept for outdoor advertising and retail space available
    • central control and management of all displays via internet
    • interactive products available (Touch Panel, Touch Floor, Gender and Age Recognition)

Displays & Steles

  • ultra-high-resolution, for perfect display even at the shortest distances
    • Pixel resolution starts with 0,30 mm
  • very bright and thus easy to recognize even in daylight
  • Plug & Play – installation without complex configuration
  • wide viewing angle up to 178°/178°
  • interactive products available (Touch or „Gender and Age Recognition“)
  • flexible control over the internet with HDMI, WLAN, 3G/4G, network cable or USB-Stick
  • frame in various colors available
  • repair service in Germany
  • IP-Rating up to IP67
  • Android or Windows


  • LED advertising on facades
  • LED advertising in lobbies
  • LEDvertise® or LED walls on parking lots
  • LEDvertise® or LED walls at high traffic places
  • complete concepts for customer guidance


Typical LED advertising products